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Suffern Recovery

At around 11:30 this morning Company 1’s dive team was requested to Suffern New York to assist with a victim recovery in one of the village’s waterways. Divers from Mahwah, Stony Point, and Theils were able to recover the victim and turn them over to Rockland County investigators.

Airboat Responds to Hackensack

Fire Company 1’s airboat is currently responding to Hackensack *****UPDATED***** Company 1’s airboat, Marine 1, responded to South River Street to assist the Hackensack Fire Department. Hackensack firefighters had extinguished a fire in a warehouse and needed assistance removing the smoke.

Electrical Fire

At around 5AM this morning fire companies 1, 2, 3, and 4 responded to Lawrence Road for an electrical fire. After arriving on scene firefighters extinguished the fire and removed the smoke from the area.

Double Rescue at Ramapo Reservation

This afternoon Mahwah Rescue along with Fire Company 2, Mahwah EMS, and the Bergen County Sheriff responded to the upper lake of the Ramapo Reservation for an injured hiker. After reaching the patient and assessing their injuries Mahwah Rescue deployed a small boat to reach the hiker. The hiker was then transported across the lake to EMS, who then brought them to an area hospital. While this was happening a park visitor alerted firefighters to a second injured hiker in another part of the park. After reaching them and assessing their injuries Mahwah Rescue set up a rope system to bring them safely down a very steep trail. After reaching the bottom of the trail the hiker was transported by Mahwah EMS to area hospital.

Condo Fire

This evening Mahwah Firefighters and also additional firefighters from the neighboring towns responded to a fire at a condo complex in the Fardale section of town. Firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze and overhaul the area.

Anderson Drive Fire

This afternoon all 5 of Mahwah’s Fire Companies responded to Anderson Drive for a house fire. Firefighters worked quickly extinguish the fire and then overhaul the affected area.