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October 2020 Calls For Service

This October, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Company 1 firefighters responded to 32 calls for service. Brush Fire – 1 Burning Smell – 1 Burning Utility Wires – 1 Carbon Monoxide Alarm – 1 Dispatched Structure Fire – 1 EMS Assist – 4 Electrical Fire – 1 Elevator Rescue – 1 Vehicle Extrication – 1 Fire Alarm – 11 Gas Leak – 3 Smoke Condition – 2 Working Fire – 1 Vehicle Fire – 1 As always, the volunteer firefighters of Company 1 are ready to respond 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Santa Is Coming To Town

Mahwah Fire Co. 1 has scheduled our Annual Santa detail for Sunday, December 13th throughout the Co. 1 zone. Our zone includes Cragmere, Franklin Heights, Franklin Crossing, and the area of Franklin Tpke. Unfortunately this year there will not be any stopping to sit on Santa’s lap. It is also asked that when waiting on the streets for Santa that families do not congregate around people, not in their household and please wear your masks.

Deep-Fried Turkey Safety

If you plan on deep frying a turkey later this week remember to be safe. If you do have a grease fire remember these safety tips Leave the area and call 911 Only if it can be done safely, turn off the heat source (i.e. the burner) if possible Only if it can be done safely, cover the fire. Keep a pan lid handy when cooking with oil or grease and slide it over the pan to cut off the oxygen. If a pan lid isn’t available, soak a towel and ring out the excess water, placing the towel over the pan  Only if it can be done safely, once covered, slide the pan off the heat source if possible. Don’t attempt if there is a chance the pan could tip Do NOT put water on it, water will create a fire

Sunday Extrication Drill

Today the firefighters of Rescue Co.1 trained on our Griphoist and Tuflex Roundslings. These tools will greatly increase our capabilities to raise, lower, and stabilize heavy loads; specifically vehicles in awkward positions. Today’s focus was a basic understanding of the tools, and performing a controlled roll of a vehicle on its side. In addition to training on the new tools, firefighters also learned to perform a new extrication technique, “cracking the egg”. This technique gives us another way to safely remove a patience from an overturned car. Think you would like to join us? Stop by Wednesday nights or email us

MFD Co#1 Divers Complete UCI Course

This past weekend, a few MFD Co#1 SCUBA divers completed Mike Berry’s renowned Underwater Criminal Investigator course through his certification agency UCI Divers. Widely considered the gold standard UCI course, the four day program represents Mike’s thoroughly impressive 40 year career in law enforcement and recovering evidence underwater. As members of the North Jersey Regional SCUBA Task Force, the MFD Co#1 dive team combines resources with other dive teams around Bergen County to offer the highest degree of service to our residents. This certification means MFD Co#1 divers use their extensive dive skills to assist law enforcement in prosecuting cases where evidence is tossed in the water.

Drill Night: Hose Advancing

At last night’s drill, Company 1 firefighters practiced their skills with advancing a hose and then extinguishing a fire. Think you would like to join us? Stop by Wednesday night at 7:30 or email us at

Rescue at the Reservation

This evening Rescue 1, Fire Co 2, Mahwah EMS, Mahwah PD, and the Bergen County Sheriff responded to the Ramapo Reservation for an injured hiker. The hiker, who had injured her leg and was unable to walk, needed to be carried off the trail and brought down the mountain via UTV.

Tam O Shanter Drive Fire

At around 3:30 this afternoon Mahwah Fire responded to Tam O Shanter Drive for a basement fire. After arriving on scene fire Company 1’s crew entered the home and found that the fire was deeply seated in the basement and first floor. The fire was isolated and extinguished with help from our mutual aid partners, preserving a majority of the home from damage.